Jasper Welp

Jasper has been involved in HEMA since 2013, when he found it to be a good combination of his interest in history and physical exercise….and, well….you know…swords!

Having been a weapons enthusiast since he can remember, he enjoys wielding all kinds of weapons, with a particular interest in longsword, pole weapons and archery. He particularly likes the historical aspect of HEMA, and how it gives the opportunity to combine it with a martial mentality to grow personally.

Jasper also serves as chairman of the Board of Steelbound.

Nico Noort

Nico started swordfighting in 2004 but took a break from 2016 to 2021. Before his break he gained several years of experience as a teacher and took part in international tournaments. Now he is finally back and eager to swing swords again. The longsword is his favourite discipline but he does like learning more about other disciplines as well, mainly dagger and wrestling.

Fabio Luelmo

Fabio has practiced longsword since 2019 and taught longsword at Steelbound since 2022. His interest is in bringing obscure techniques from the historical sources and bringing them to life through experimental archeology. It has thoroughly ruined his appreciation for swordfighting in movies and games.


Jos van Leeuwen

Jos is proficient with longword and bridges the gap between Steelbound’s two weapon disciplines. Jos used to play ice hockey as a child, for the national Dutch team. As an adult he found sword fighting and loves every minute of this sport. Jos is very competitive, when he’s not fighting himself he coaches fellow fighters. When he is not fighting with metal he is listening to metal.


Kalyma Nadal Uceda

Kalyma is a support teacher for longsword since 2019, but her true passion is the mighty montante. She has a background in ballet and dance which feeds her understanding of movement and body mechanics in a duel. She is also Treasurer on the Board of Steelbound.

Pascal Vissers

Pascal is a support teacher for broadsword alongside his longsword training. He is also the Sercretary of the Board of Steelbound.