Breaking the rules might result in an official warning or removal from the club. 

If you want to train with Steelbound you’re expected to adhere the following house rules. Please read them carefully, these rules are to ensure a safe, inclusive and positive sport environment.

  1. All members must complete the Steelbound intro course before they’re able to sign up as a full member.
  2. You have to be 18 years or older to become a Steelbound member.
  3. If you want to train with Steelbound, you have to have a HEMA bond membership.


  4. Visitors and/or audience are not allowed during regular classes, for their safety and the safety of Steelbound members.
  5. We create a safe sports environment together. All members are expected to control their actions and put safety first. This means during class members are expected to:
    – Take into account the level of experience of their opponent.
    – Take into account any injuries their opponent may have
    – Take into account the attire their opponent is wearing.
  6. Wear proper attire/Check your gear: All members are expected to have HEMA safe gear. Make sure to buy gear from a HEMA reseller, not reenactment gear. Steelbound board will check gear periodically. When gear doesn’t have the right protection or is no longer working properly, members will be requested not to use it at the club.
  7. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited before and during class. Showing up intoxicated will result in a membership suspension.

    Inclusivity and Discrimination

  8. Steelbound is a noncompetitive and inclusive club. This means the classes are mixed in age, gender and experience level. Class programs are planned accordingly.
  9. Steelbound does not condone (sexual)aggression, discrimination, bullying and/or harassment of any kind. Any actions of this kind will result in revoking membership and (depending on the severity) a referral to the police.
    If you feel unsafe or are experiencing (sexual)aggression, discrimination, bullying and/or harassment of any kind from another club member or instructor, please contact the board via [email protected].
  10. If you feel unsafe or are experiencing (sexual)aggression, discrimination, bullying and/or harassment of any kind from another club member or instructor and want to talk to someone outside of Steelbound, you can contact the HEMA-Bond confidant via: [email protected]


  11. Steelbound members are expected to be present at the venue 5 min before the classes start. Being late disrupts the class.
  12. Steelbound has loaner gear (swords, gloves, elbow protection, troatguards and masks) available for members who need it. If you need loaner gear, be present 15 minutes before class.
  13. Steelbound appreciates members assisting with setting up/breaking down and cleaning class attributes.
  14. Loaner gear and attributes are property of Steelbound. All members are expected to handle them with care.


    Steelbound board has the liberty to damend/update these house rules periodically.