For the Introduction Course the club provides synthetic practice swords, fencing masks, gorgets and gloves, which is all that is necessary to partake in the course.


For lessons Steelbound advises that members buy their own gear. It is very tempting to buy a sword first (most of us do) but protection is very important. Make sure your first purchase is throat and groin protection. (This goes for the people with female anatomy too!)

Some gear is mandatory depending on the activity and teachers may ask for specific gear combinations for tailored exercises. Here are the minimum mandatory requirements for free time activity:

All lessonsControlled exercises “minimum gear”Synthetic sword light sparring “light gear”Full speed exercises and Steel sword sparring “full gear”
Groin cup+ mask, gorget, sparring gloves+ elbow plates, fencing jacket+ padded fencing pants/skirt, mask overlay, shin guards, knee plates, chest plate, forearm plates

Reenactment gear is not allowed. Gear must to be made specifically for impact sports like H.E.M.A. or similar. Feel free to ask the Board for a list of recommended sellers and last but not least, measure twice before making an order.


Steelbound practices longsword with steel federschwerts rather than blunted longswords; these have reasonable flex and rounded or spatulated tips. “Tulip” federschwerts where the schilt is extra pointy are not allowed for sparring.

Broadsword is practiced with steel basket hilted broadswords with a H.E.M.A. grade flex and modified tip.

Ask the Board for recommended sellers. We advise to our members that they try out some swords at the club to get a feel for what is best for them.


The Board and teachers have the right to dismiss gear from the salle for safety reasons. If you have any physical or neurodiversity requirements which need to be taken into account during the lessons, please inform our teachers or Board. Health and safety are high priorities in Steelbound: this also includes mental health and emotional safety.